Paros (LGPA) new aerodrome – AIRAC AIP supplement

Information for the new aerodrome of Paros island, LGPA is published on AIRAC AIP SUPPLEMENT, AD2-LGPA 9-6-16 Effective 21 July 2016.

370115N 0250647Ε Centre of RWY

TEL: +30 22840 90900

FAX: +30 22840 91077

Download the supplement in PDF format: PAROS AD2-LGPA

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Hellenic Terminal Areas & EasyTAXI charts update for AirNav Pro

Update of “Hellenic Terminal Areas & EasyTAXI charts” is available for the Air Navigation Pro.

To download and install the update, open Air Navigatio Pro application on you iPad or iPhone and go to Configuration > Add-ons (Map Store) > Installed products. Under APPROACH CHARTS SUBSCRIPTIONS the “Greece Hellenic Terminal Areas and EasyTAXI Charts” has a red dot on the left meaning there is an update available. Click on the line and select Install Updates.

Please note that this is a free update.

Additions: Skiathos TMA, Skyros TMA, Mitilini TMA

Air Navigation Pro on the App Store

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